Sonesta Business Pass: Terms and Conditions

 Updated: December 6, 2021

  1. General and Definitions
    Sonesta Business Pass membership and its benefits are offered at the sole discretion of Sonesta International Hotels Corporation (“Sonesta”). All interpretations of the Sonesta Business Pass program (“Business Program”) shall be at the sole discretion of Sonesta. Sonesta reserves the right to terminate, modify, revise, or change, in whole or in part, the Business Program's Terms and Conditions, benefits, rewards, membership level qualifications, inventory and/or availability of rewards at any time, with or without notice. The membership of participating hotels in the Program as well as partner affiliations may change at any time without prior notice. Changes may result in a reduction in the value of benefits or points already accumulated and may also result in forfeiture of unused points.

    All aspects of this Business Program are subject to the Travel Pass Terms and Conditions.


  1. Program Operation
    Through the Business Program, companies that enter into an agreement with Sonesta and agree to Sonesta's terms can provide benefits for eligible employees and colleagues (“Participants”) at Sonesta hotels, when the eligible Participants sign up for membership in Sonesta's Travel Pass program. Participation is subject to the Travel Pass Terms and Conditions.


  1. Eligibility
    To be eligible for the Business Program, companies must be legal corporate entities registered with their government or have a valid tax ID number, business number, or other valid documentation. The Business Program is not available to companies currently a part of Sonesta's managed account portfolio, government owned entities, retail travel agencies, wholesalers, travel management companies or airlines. Participants must sign up and remain eligible members of the Sonesta Travel Pass program. Eligibility to participate in the Business Program and Travel Pass is at the sole discretion of Sonesta.


  1. Participation
    After a company has completed enrollment in the Business Program, the company's Primary Member (Account Administrator) can invite Participants to enroll in Sonesta's Travel Pass program, as part of the company's account. Benefits are provided to eligible Participants through the Travel Pass program. When the company has completed the process of signing up for the Business Program, eligible Participants will receive a unique customer link. Through the unique customer link, Participants then register their Travel Pass number. Participants will receive Business Program benefits when they are logged into Sonesta with their Travel Pass number and the company's corporate program I.D. at the time of booking.


  1. Benefits
    Benefits of participation in the Business Program include Participants receiving a discount off the lowest Best Available Rate for qualifying room nights at participating Sonesta properties, when booked directly through Sonesta. A Best Available Rate at participating Sonesta properties excludes any rates with special conditions such as pre-payment, advance purchase or other restricted rates. The discount will not apply to any other discount rate programs such as AAA, AARP or other Online Travel Agencies. Participants must be Sonesta Travel Pass members and book their stays using their corporate rate code and their Sonesta Travel Pass member number.


  1. Travel Pass Benefits; Elite
    Once participants register their Travel Pass number through the unique customer link, they will automatically be awarded Elite status.

    Being part of the Business Program means that when Participants have registered to a participating company's Business Program travel account, they will simultaneously accrue Sonesta Travel Pass points in their individual Travel Pass accounts. Participants must register and link their Sonesta Travel Pass number to the Company's Business Program account, and that at the time of booking, the Participant is either signed into their Sonesta Travel Pass account or has provided their Sonesta Travel Pass to the customer service agent making the reservation.


  1. Room Night Tracking
    Individual Sonesta properties may have separate agreements with companies. This Business Program is not a part of any such separate agreement a company may enter into with an individual Sonesta property. Sonesta does not track room nights associated with bookings made under any such separate agreement, and those bookings will not contribute to the room-night volume applicable to this Business Program.


  1. Interpretation of Business Program Terms & Conditions
    Interpretation of these Terms and Conditions shall be at the sole discretion of Sonesta. Sonesta reserves the right to add, modify, restrict, suspend, discontinue, delete, or otherwise change these Terms and Conditions or any rules related to the Program at its sole discretion, with or without notice.


  1. Privacy Policy
    All information collected or processed as part of the Business Program are subject to Sonesta's Privacy Policy